A- Batch/CIVIL/(Admission not Available) Starts on 4th April-2018 @11AM 

Classroom Venue- Pratap Nagar

Class Time-11Am-2PM ( 03 Hours Per Day w/0 Break)




B- Batch/CIVIL (Admission not Available) Starts on 4th April-2018 @5PM 

Classroom Venue- Pratap Nagar

Class Time-05PM-8PM ( 03 Hours Per Day w/0 Break)




C- Batch/CIVIL(Admission not Available)  Starts on 5 April-2018 @7AM 

Classroom Venue- Pratap Nagar

Class Time-7Am-10PM ( 03 Hours Per Day w/0 Break)




D- Batch/CIVIL/AVAILABLE Starts on 8th April-2018 @5:45PM Sharp

Classroom Venue- Pratap Nagar/Mahaveer Nagar/Jaipuria Hospital/ Tonk Road

Class Time-5:45PM ( 04 Hours Per Day w/0 Break)
Note- Class time  for this batch from 9th April will be 4 to 8PM





E- Batch/Mechanical/Not Available Starts on 18th April-2018 @5PM 

Classroom Venue- Kings Road, Nirman Nagar(NEW)

Class Time-05PM-8PM ( 03 Hours Per Day w/0 Break)



F- Batch/MECH/AVAILABLE Starts on 18th April-2018 @5PM 

Classroom Venue- Near Jaipur Hospital, Tonk Road, Mahaveer Nagar (NEW)

Class Time-05PM-8PM ( 03 Hours Per Day w/0 Break)




G- Batch/ELECT Starts on 2nd May-2018 @5PM 

Classroom Venue-Near Jaipur Hospital, Tonk Road, Mahaveer Nagar (NEW)

Class Time-05PM-8PM ( 03 Hours Per Day w/0 Break)




H- Batch/Civil Starts on 16th May-2018 @5PM 

Classroom Venue- TONK PHATAK (NEW)

Class Time-05PM-8PM ( 03 Hours Per Day w/0 Break)



 Exam Pattern-


Paper-01/Non Tech/200 Marks/100 MCQs/120 Mins

Paper-02/Technical/200 Marks/100MCQs/120 Mins

Note that above 02 papers are qualifying in Nature.15 times candidates will be selected against available vacancies in various departments.There is no minimum cut-off marks for these papers.


Paper-01/Hindi/100 Marks/Subjective/180 Mins

Paper-02/Social Aspects of Engineering/100 Marks/Subjective/180 MIns

Note that  a candidate Must score minimum 35% in each of  the Above  Papers for the Interview Call….matlab uppar ke har ek paper me aapke 35 marks aana must ha out of 100….warna latak jaoge…last time 2013 me bahut saare IES selected candidates latak gye the in papers me so achhe se prepare kr lo inko


Paper-03/Technical(CE or ME or EE)/200 Marks/Subjective/180 Mins

Paper-04/Technical(CE or ME or EE)/200 Marks/Subjective/180 Mins


Note that a candidate must score Minimum 40%  aggregate  Marks in the above 04 Papers for Interview Call…..matlab saaf ha..aapke 600 me se 240 Marks aane hi chahiye warna seat khaali rah jaayegi…RPSC ko farak nhi padta ki aap konsi category se ho…..aa gyi baat samjh me?….isliye ab padai pe focus kro 


72 Marks Ka hoga Ajmer me Jaha RPSC ka HQ ha!! GOOD LUCK!!



Fee Structure & Content

Paper-01/NON TECH(Same for All Branches CE/ME/EE)- Detailed Theory and 10,000 MCQs on-

  • Rajasthan GK
  • Rajasthan Current Affairs
  • Rajasthan History
  • National GK
  • National Current Affairs
  • International GK
  • International Current Affairs
  • General Science
  • Basics of Computer and Information Technology
  • Miscellaneous topics    FEE(CLASSROOM)- Rs 5000/– (100Hrs)/ 15*6=90Hrs(approx)/FEE(ONLINE)- Rs 5000/- (100Hrs)/ 15*6=90Hrs(approx)



Note- Classes for the above paper will be conducted after Notification  only because there might be some changes in the syllabus. Kindly  also note that UPSC  has already changed the Prelims NON TECH Paper syllabus in 2017 so there are good chances of modification in the syllabus of this Paper


Paper-02(Prelims/Objective)+Paper03(Mains/Subjective)+Paper-04(Mains/Subjective)/TECHNICAL/Civil Engineering –Detailed Theory and 10,000 MCQs on all the subjects of Civil Engineering+ Many Conventional Questions.The  Theory/Derivations will be covered in such a way that after selection in prelims  students can solve  conventional questions  directly  for Mains after through revision of Engineers Pride Class notes.After attending this Course Student will not be required to attend any  further coaching for SSC-JE/AEn/JEn/RRB SSE/RRB JE Level Exams in his/her life

FEE(CLASSROOM)-Rs 25,000/-(400-500Hrs)/ 30*3+60*6=450Hrs(approx)

FEE(ONLINE/All Subjects by IES B CHAND)-Rs 25,000/-(400-500Hrs)/ 30*3+60*6=450Hrs (approx)




IMP NOTE- Today i.e.  on 5th April 2018 ,RPSC has published the Notification and after in depth analysis of this  Notification by IES B Chand Sir, It was observed that RPSC is following the previous trend  as it is. What B Chand sir said in last 05 Episode on You tube exactly same  information were found in the notification without any single change.So It is expected that  Prelims will be conducted in June-July 2018 and Mains Exam will be Conducted in March-April 2019.Since we are left with approx 2-3 months only.(Clearly)In this short duration it is difficult to cover the entire syllabus of RPSC PRE+MAINS So ENGINEERS PRIDE has revised its Strategy. Now ENGINEERS PRIDE will conduct classes for only prelims. Mains classes will be conducted  after Prelims Exam.Fee structure is same as previous but those who want admission only for prelims can take admission at Rs 12000/- (RPSC AEN-2018 PRELIMS TECH+NON TECH SYLLABUS).FEE FOR GIRLS WILL BE ONLY RS 9000/-

Paper-01/Mains/Hindi/Subjective/Class will Start after Prelims Exam

FEE(CLASSROOM)- Rs 5000/- (100Hrs)/ 15*6=90Hrs(approx)/FEE(ONLINE)- Rs 5000/- (100Hrs)/ 15*6=90Hrs(approx)


Students are suggested to do self study.Don not waste your Parent’s Hard Earned Money for such an easy Subject. Engineers Pride Will help you In providing good Study Material

Paper-02/Mains/Social Aspects of Engineering/Class will Start after Prelims Exam

FEE(CLASSROOM)- Rs 10,000/- (100Hrs)/ 15*6=90Hrs(approx)/FEE(ONLINE)- Rs 10,000/- (100Hrs)/ 15*6=90Hrs(approx)

(03 Days Demo Class available at Rs 1000/-)

Additional Topics for SSC-JE PRELIMS/ GK and Reasoning for SSC-JE  PRELIMS FEE(CLASSROOM)- Rs 5000/- (100Hrs)/ 15*6=90Hrs(approx)/FEE(ONLINE)- Rs 5000/- (100Hrs)/ 15*6=90Hrs(approx)

(03 Days Demo Class available at Rs 1000/-)

Note1- Full Package consisting all the above subjects  available at Rs 35,000/-(CLASSROOM)  & Rs35,000/-(online)

Note2-  Schedule Course Duration=05 months(approx). In case we get less time for prelims then up-to 12 hours per day classes will be held.Be Ready for that.

Note3-OUR CONTENT IS DESIGNED IN SUCH A WAY THAT No extra material is required for RPSC-AEn(Prelims+Mains) & SSC-JE (Prelims+Mains). There is a high probability that approx 90% Questions  may be asked  directly from EP Classroom Notes



Discounts on Behalf of IES-B.Chand-

# 20%  Discount to  Old IES MASTER AND MADE EASY STUDENTS  and 100% Discount to Old ENGINEERS PRIDE Students (No discount to students belonging to  any other coaching institute)

# 25% Discount to Girls without any condition

# 100% Discount  for All the Online Students of IES+GATE2019 BATCH(Full Package Students) 

# 10%-100% Discount on Compensate grounds after 5 min Interview-with IES B CHAND 

(Note1- Only one discount will be given to one student though he/she fall under more than one categories 

Note2- Only Full fee paid  OLD EP students will be given 100% Off, Remaining can deposit pending fee with 50% Fine, No previous discount  will be valid,   discount can be availed only once. Example- Suppose some old Student has 5K Less fee last year due to any reason then now he has to Pay 7.5K

Note3- Do not ask for any other discount b/z IES B Chand is neither CM of Rajasthan nor PM of India)






Un-till RPSC publishes the  AEn Exam-2018 Notification,classes will be held on 06 days of Week/03 hours every Day.There will  offline Test also on Each Sunday at Pratap Nagar Centre Only

After Notification Class schedule will be changed and fresh   and effective strategy will be made by IES B Chand  so that remaining syllabus can be finished in the available time.Remaining Tests might be conducted online depending on the pattern of Exam!

Question-Sir What is your strategy  if RPSC  Does not Conduct the  AEn Exam-2018 or if it get delayed up-to 2019 or later?

Answer of IES B CHAND(ENGLISH)-   Till notification, only Technical classes will be held and that will be 100% useful for SSC-JE (Prelims+Mains).So in the other sense we are  infect  preparing for SSC-JE  also.Approx 80% Non Tech Part of  RPSC AEn is different from SSC-JE  so classes for NON Tech Part will be held only After Notification of RPSC. In case RPSC Cancels the recruitment then the NON Tech Part of RPSC will not taught and all the full package students will be refunded Rs 5000/-

Call for Any Query-  9660 80 7149

ANS- For Civil Engineering Batches most of the  Difficult and Conceptual Technical Subjects will be taught by IES B CHAND SIR, Easy subjects may be taught by other faculties. Other faculties are also equally good as IES B CHAND sir give them proper training.



ANS- IES B CHAND sir will Teach this subject in all the Batches. IES B.Chand sir also teaches all the Subjects of UPSC ESE PRELIMS NON TECH /ALL PAPERS


Q3.Who will Teach HINDI?

ANW- This subject is very easy.Students are advised to do self study for this. Other faculties will teach this subject. IES B CHAND sir will teach only few topics



ANS- Partially by IES B CHAND SIR AND partially by Other faculties.This is also very easy.Students can prepare this topic using self study only

Q.5 Is there any Refund facility?
ANS- You can take refund after attending 03 Days Classes.There will be deduction of Rs.1000/-.There will not be any refund after attending more than 03 class.

(Example-  Suppose you deposit 35,000/- on 1st April2018. Your class starts on 4th April 2018 and You do not like our teaching skills and Classroom Environment then you can take refund on or before 6th April 2018 after deduction of Rs.1000/-)

Q.6  Do ENGINEERS PRIDE provide installment facility?

ANS- YES, 50% Fee can be paid Initially at  the commencement of batch and remaining 50% Fee can be paid within 30 Days thereafter


If you have any other Query then kindly CALL US  9660 80 7149