What is Engineer’s Pride?

Engineer’s Pride, is an unique institute that offers coaching for the various competitive examinations like IES, GATE, PSUs SSC-JE, STAT/AEn/JEn, RRB SSE,RRB JE etc.It was established in 2017 under the close supervision of I.E.S. B.Chand with a single objective of providing quality education to all engineering graduates for complete welfare of student community. Mr. B.Chand believes in hard work with due sincerity and honesty and not in the cheap advertising tactics, fake result publishing and misleading information like most of the other coaching institutes are doing.Engineer’s Pride has got a target of making engineering so easy that even a below average student can learn it effectively and can ear his/her bread and butter

Why Engineer’s Pride?

Engineer’s Pride has developed a completely different methodology of transforming an ordinary engineering student into highly skilled engineer. Every single lecture is designed in such a way that even an average/below average student is able to understand the fundamental concepts of engineering effectively. Broadly in the market two types of coaching institutes exist-bigger ones and smaller ones. Bigger ones are working at national level whereas smaller ones are working at local level. Just have a look upon following comparative statement to know more about Engineer’s Pride-

Important featureOther coaching institutesEngineer’s Pride
Bigger OnesSmaller Ones
Qualified/experienced facultyYes ,They have good faculty but what is the use of this good faculty when there are 500+
students in the class and asking doubts is not allowed.

They do not have good faculty because they can’t afford it as they have very less students and at the same time they are dependent on fee of students for their bread and butter.Engineer’s Pride is not a profit oriented organisation so entire money is spent over faculty and study material.The teaching style of IES B Chand is so unique that even a below average student can catch every concept taught in the classroom.
Class room strength500+, students are forbidden to ask doubts, such a huge class size is useless for an average/below average student.In these institutes class room size is small but what is use of that when faculties are not up-to the markIn the Engineers Pride classroom size is strictly maintained below 100 so that one to one interaction between students and teacher is possible and effective learning is ensured even for a below average student
Adequate teaching hoursTeaching hours are curtailed because these institutes run new batches every week so big crunch of good facultyThey also curtail the teaching hours to increase the profit margin Only 02 batches are run so faculty is not in hurry and no issue of profit margin
Last 25 years ESE/GATE papers classroom solutionTheir faculty do not solve old papers in classroom because they are not worried about selections. They have got thousands of students and few of them are always very intelligent so with little help of coaching they get selectedThese coaching can’t afford this extra burden as they are having very limited students and profit is lessEngineer’s Pride has incorporated this feature in its fundamental methodology therefore solving old papers is must in classroom for the best possible results because every year 80% concepts are repeated directly and cut-off is just around 55%
Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation classes for good physical and mental health of studentsNot available. They actually not worried about selection because of the above reasonsNot available. These institutes are not even able to think to this level Free of cost by the experts all the students are taught effective yoga and meditation techniques to keep the physical and mental health awesome during the year long preparation
100% scholarshipNot ProvidedNot ProvidedAvailable




Who is the Chief Mentor of EP?

The Chief Mentor of Engineer’s PrideMr. B.Chand is an I.E.S. officer of Indian Railways and former Assistant Commandant of ITB Police force, hold 1st class B.Tech degree in civil engineering from IIT Guwahati. Mr. B.Chand has been actively associated with thousands of engineering graduates in order to provide them quality teaching for ESE, GATE and PSUs examinations in Delhi since 2012. Apart from teaching Mr.B.Chand has got vast experience of working in the field of construction of earth-quake buildings(Sikkim), roads in mountainous regions(Sikkim), water treatment plants, road bridges, railway bridges, rail cum road bridges, railway tracks, railway stations etc. with ITB Police Force, CPWD and Indian Railways. Empowering the youths of India is an inbuilt passion of Mr.B.Chand and that can be realised from his past activities during college days as he had worked over there as Welfare secretary ‘Students Welfare Board IIT Guwahati’, Secretary of Youth Empowerment Club and General Secretary ‘External Affairs’ ACE IIT Guwahati. Mr. B.Chand did not like the working style of other coaching institutes as most of these institutes either have got 500+ students in one single class room or less qualified/inexperienced faculty that simply make the life of any average of below average student very difficult. Mr. B.Chand believes in hard work with due sincerity and honesty not in the cheap advertising tactics, fake result publishing and misleading information like most of the other coaching institutes doing.



Hello everyone! It’s a very important message for all the students of Civil Engineering who are preparing for IES/GATE/SSC-JE examinations. I have been teaching, guiding and motivating Civil Engineering students since 2012 for IES, GATE,PSUs and SSC-JE exams in Delhi and other cities of India. In last 4-5 years I realized that most of the coaching institutes either don’t have well qualified faculty or their classroom strength is very high (500+). Coaching always tries to cut down the number of teaching hours as faculties are paid on hourly basis. Due to these Problems average/below average students are not able to learn the concepts of engineering properly and not getting selected in competitive exams in spite of spending their parent’s hard earned 2-3 lakh Rupees and 2-3 years full time preparation in Delhi. Therefore, to help all such civil engineering students, Engineer’s Pride was established under my close guidance and supervision. The ultimate target of Engineer’s Pride is to provide a learning platform to all the engineering graduates in such a way that even a below average student can learn the concepts of engineering and can excel in his/her career.

B. Chand


B. Chand Sir, a young, honest and talented officer of Indian Engineering Services (I.E.S.), holds 1st Class B. Tech degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Guwahati. Apart from his professional duties, Mr. B. Chand has been associated with the thousands of Engineering Graduates since 2012.Teaching, guiding and motivating the needy students is an inbuilt quality of IES B. Chand. Now Mr. B. Chand is fully focusing only on Engineers Pride Jaipur due to his passion of teaching and helping needy students


Other Academics Achievements-

  • Academics Excellence Award by Rajasthan Patrika
  • 1st Class B.Tech   Civil Engineering   IIT Guwahati-2012
  • Assistant Commandant   AIR(GEN)-06
  • SSC-JE     AIR(Gen)-04
  • Teacher/guide/motivator IES/GATE/SSC-JE Since-2012


Other Non-Academics Achievements-

  • Welfare Secretary , Student’s Welfare Board, IIT Guwahati-2010
  • General Secretary, External Affairs, ACE, IIT Guwahati-2012
  • Secretary, Youth Empowerment Club, IIT Guwahati-2012
  • Art of Living Fellow
  • Certified Vastu Expert (Ayaadi Calculations)
  • Certified  astrologer (KP)



Rural Development, Reform in Indian Education System, Youth Empowerment, Service to old aged people, Politics