(will be updated very soon)

Md. Nehal Akhtar POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          JECRC 30/07/2017  
Shankar Saini GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          JECRC 17/09/2017  
Rahul Sharma VERY GOOD(3RD YR STUDENT)          KAUTILYA 27/08/2017  
Vikas Saini VERY GOOD(3RD YR STUDENT)          KAUTILYA 12/08/2017  
Deepak Kumar VERY POOR/PASSOUT           17/05/2017  
Mahaveer Jajra GOOD(4TH YR STUDENT)          UDML 16/09/2017  
Suryakant AVERAGE(4TH YR STUDENT)          JECRC 09/07/2017  
Bhagwan Sawroop AVERAGE(4TH YR STUDENT)          JECRC 05/07/0207  
Subhash Yadav AVERAGE(4TH YR STUDENT)          KAUTILYA 15/07/2017  
Lalita Meena EXCELLENT(4TH YR STUDENT)          KAUTILYA 16/092017  
Prince Kakkar VERY POOR/DIPLOMA          PUNJAB 18/05/2017  
Saddam Ahmad GOOD/DIPLOMA          UPTU 12/09/2017  
hanman ram daunkiya VERY GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          UDML 17/09/2017  
Ayush Ranjan VERY POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           19/01/2017  
Abhijit Aich VERY POOR/DIPLOMA          WEST BENGAL 28/05/2017  
Mahesh Kumar Patel AVERAGE(4TH YR STUDENT)          JECRC 15/07/2017  
Mohit Sharma EXCELLENT(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          JECRC 25/08/2017  
Mahendra Kumar Meena GOOD/PASSOUT          JNIT 05/08/2017  
Daneja Meena EXCELLENT/PASSOUT/NIT KURUKSHETRA          NIT KKR 16/09/2017  
Gyan Singh Meena GOOD(3RD YR STUDENT/NIT AGARTALA          NIT AGR 10/07/2017  
Amit Singh Bhadoriya EXCELLENT(4TH YR STUDENT)           09/09/2017  
Divyansh Goyal VERY GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT/IIT DHANBAD)          IIT DHANBAAD 07/07/2017  
Lokendra Singh Rathore GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           12/09/2017  
Kushal Nokhwal GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           18/08/2017  
Chote Lal Meena VERY GOOD(3RD YR STUDENT/NIT AGARTALA          NIT AGR 08/07/2017  
Himanshu Khandelwal GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          SKIT 18/08/2017  
Sapna Singh EXCELLENT(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          KAUTILYA 06/06/2017  
Saurabh Gupta VERY GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          JECRC 07/06/2017  
Paramveer Jeetarwal GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          UDML 16/09/2017  
Ganshyam GOOD/PASSOUT           10/09/2017  
Md. Aashif Qumar AVERAGE(4TH YR STUDENT)          JECRC 09/06/2017  
Ajay Kumar Rulaniya EXCELLENT(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          JECRC 02/09/22017  
Sonu Kumari Somra AVERAGE/3RD YEAR STUDENT          KAUTILYA 10/07/2017  
Dheeraj Kumar Meena AVERAGE/3RD YEAR STUDENT          KAUTILYA 06/09/2017  
Himanshu Trithani GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          UDML 10/09/2017  
Nitin Singh Kachawa VERY GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          UDML 12/08/2017  
Madan Lal AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          KAUTILYA 23/07/2017  
Narendra Singh Bhambu AVERAGE/DIPLOMA/HARIYANA          HARIYANA 12/08/2017  
Navdeep Singh AVERAGE/DIPLOMA/HARIYANA          HARIYANA 19/06/2017  
Himanshu Soni AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          SKIT 15/06/2017  
Ajit Thory AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          SKIT 26/06/2017  
Madan Meena AVERAGE          KAUTILYA 11/07/2017  
Sanjay Kumar Kumawat AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          KAUTILYA 12/08/2017  
Amit Kumar Kumawat POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          KAUTILYA 21/06/2017  
Rakesh Kumar Jat POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          KAUTILYA 21/06/2017  
Sher Singh Meena POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           12/09/2017  
Gagan Chhabra AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          SKIT 24/06/2017  
Gaurav Bhaduka GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          SKIT 17/09/2017  
Rohit Khandelwal GOOD(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          SKIT 17/09/2017  
Devendra Parashar VERY GOOD/PASSOUT           10/09/2017  
Lokendra Singh Saktwat POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           29/06/2017  
Kartar Meena GOOD/3RD YEAR STUDENT          MAHATMA GANGHI 14/07/2017  
Deepak Dadhich EXCELLENT(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          KAUTILYA 10/09/2017  
Samay Meena AVERAGE/PASSOUT           16/09/2017  
Baldev Charpota AVERAGE/(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           09/09/2017  
Bhag Chand Meena VERY POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          MAHATMA GANDHI 11/07/2017  
Jagmohan Singh VERY POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           15/09/2017  
Santosh Meena VERY VERY POOR/PASSOUT           12/08/2017  
Shubham Vedwal VERY POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           09/08/2017  
Sonali Soni AVERAGE/[ASSOUT          YIT 17/08/2017  
Kuldeep AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           02/08/2017  
Satyendra Singh EXCELLENT/PASSOUT/NIT UTTRAKHAND          NIT UKR 09/08/2017  
Sandeep Sharma AVERAGE/PASSOUT          MEWAR UNIVERSITY 02/08/2017  
Amit Sharma AVERAGE/PASSOUT          MEWAR UNIVERSITY 02/08/2017  
Lokesh Choudhary AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          SKIT 02/08/2017  
Vipin Dadhich AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          JECRC 09/08/2017  
Rahul Yadav AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           12/08/2017  
Shiv Bachan AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           20/08/2017  
mahendar kumar poonia GOOD/3RD YEAR STUDENT          UEM 22/08/2017  
pankaj kumar meena POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           10/09/2017  
gagan meena VERY VERY POOR/DIPLOMA           15/09/2017  
abhishek keshri VERY VERY POOR/DIPLOMA          ODISHA 23/08/2017  
yogesh kumar shukla AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           25/08/2017  
jayesh jangid POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          MAHRSHI ARVIND 29/08/2017  
akshit sharma POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           29/08/2017  
bhanu pratap singh POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           03/09/2017  
vivek parashar POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           05/09/2017  
mayank parashar AVERAGE/PASSOUT           06/09/2017  
yashwnt choudhary AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           10/09/2017  
rahoul sharma POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           12/09/2017  
manish sharma POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           12/09/2017  
afzal hussain POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)          JECRC 12/09/0217  
krishankant POOR(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           12/09/2017  
deepak singh AVERAGE(4TH YEAR STUDENT)           17/09/2017  

Why do we upload our students Name/detail on our Website?

  1. They are our responsibility as they have paid hard earned money of their parent.
  2. Sincerity level is decided based on timely deposition of fee,attendance & focus in the class etc.It was our first year so we were cool with fee /timely deposition.Many students took advantage of this and did not deposit fee on time and finally due to that they could not pay much focus in class.Its human tendency that when we get something easily/freely we don’t care about that thing.From 2018 on-wards  students will not be allowed without full fee deposition at any cost.We are taking this step just for your help only.
  3. For selection in any exam apart from  support of a good coaching institute,a student must have sufficient time.Most of the our students were  from 4th year/B.Tech, so managing college stuffs and coaching was big challenge for them.I agree that B.Tech 4th year student can also crack IES but for that he/she must start preparation in 2nd/3rd year of B.Tech Only.Syllabus is huge.Sufficient time is needed to learn it properly
  4. This list will never be deleted.The job status column will indicate the Quality of ENGINEERS PRIDE JAIPUR