Why EP

Why Engineer's Pride

Engineer's Pride stands one step ahead than you in getting you achieve the best rank in IES and GATE examinations, through providing all possible resources needed for the same.

  •     Consistent, focused, systematic and well- coordinated course curriculum
  •     Thoroughly revised, updated and relevant study material
  •     Tireless efforts of experts and committed faculty members to achieve timely completion of syllabus
  •     Highly proficient & experienced faculty members
  •     Exclusive and extensive personality development program
  •     Regular assessment of performance through test series

 Other InstitutesEngineer's Pride
FacultyMost of the other Institutes have low qualified faculty. They try to get faculty who can teach with minimum charges.Most of the courses will be taught by me .I am IES (Railways), B.Tech (IIT Guwahati) , and i also have 4.5 years experience ,therefore teaching quality will be very good.
Teaching HoursOther institutes gives minimum teaching hours to faculty ,as they pay on hourly basis.As i will be teaching most of the subjects ,so i don't have to pay anybody so there will be no limit on number of teaching hours.
Number of Students in one batchOther institutes try to get maximum no.of students in one batch (around 500) Therefore students are unable to clear their doubts in class.In my Institute Batch strength will be limited so that every student can clear his/her doubts easily ,also extra classes for extremely weak students.
FeeOther institutes take complete fee in advance , After paying fee if they don't teach good, change faculty etc, you can't do anything about it,
you are just helpless. Your career is simply spoiled .Generally In Delhi fee is 80,000 /- and in Jaipur also fee for IES/GATE is 70,000/-
In my institute ,you can pay fee one by one for each subject ,If you are not satisfied you can go to other institutes.
Note :- room rent+food in Jaipur is around 5000/- but in Delhi it is 15,000/- per month